This is the Ashton-Drake
Unopened, unsearched 2015 American Silver Eagle 20 coin roll in mint sealed tube. Supply is limited.
Sealed still. Brand new.
Nice machine made tablecloth 68 x 88 inches. No rips found.
Both for one price: Dolls are not worn down, a some discoloration to white of face/hands. Should come out with another cleaning. Location Jacksonville N.C.
Gypsy lady and bird on a piece of cloth, painted lady. Craft it onto something!
Here are pics of 3 albums, one is a black guy in VN might have been a Airborne guy as there are a couple xmas cards from the unit in 68 Another one is from early 51 and has a construction guy maybe a seabee rebuilding Okinawa Last one is a guy named Richards who was in a Arty unit, there are some equator certs and various odd army qual papers from the grenade and rifle ranges. A Obama cert is i...
Lot of mostly wheat pennies, have fun sort them out with the kids! Location Jacksonville N.C.
Lot of mostly wheat pennies, have fun sort them out with the kids! Location Jacksonville N.C.
Good looking WW2 fighting knife. Knife has seen the grinder but has good profile, good patina and you can still wear it camping. Original sheath.
Nice well marked 1944 5 inch shell ashtray. Location Jacksonville N.C.
Vintage Walt Disney Mickey's Young Readers Library Set with carry tote. Only 40 and in great condition!!! Yesterday's Thrift Store 2417 Lejeune BLVD Jacksonville NC Open Mon-Sat 10-6 Sun 11-5
Message through Lejeune Yard Sales. Transaction will only occur at my bank during open hours. I am selling below the trending Ebay prices. Only 15,000 minted. Sold out in less than 6 minutes.
I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS CLOCK! Don't know how to tell if it works It is very Dusty as I dont know what to clean it with.. So maybe some one that deals in these clocks will know and give it a new home.
Little discolored on the back otherwise a cute piece. $25.00
I have Football, Baseball, basketball Have been adding new cards to photobuckett. I have Game used cards , Autogaph cards, serial numbered cards, rookie cards and star cards, Inserts plus lots of commons. Game used: Most will be $3 each Autos: Most will be $5 each Commons 10 cents each Dave Link to pictures of some of the cards http://s542.photobucket.com/albums/gg412/Dolfan_99/Sports%20Cards/
Basketball cards: 278 total Football: 201 total Baseball: 184 total Hockey: 32 total
No defect very pretty
A artist rendering of Ole Chesty Puller done in a wood relief. 10 x12
New with tags. Bear forces America bear in dress blues. I would say he is about 1 foot.
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